Morie's Nail Art

Julie G Mermaid’s Tale

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava. 3 coats

Nautical nails

Olympic nails

Jordana Blue Flash, 3 coats

Base Milani Purple Pop Art

Stamp China Glaze Passion + cheecky plates

Flakies in ring finger: Essie Luxeffects

China Glaze Full Spectrum 3 Coats

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi 3 coats

danyellin asked: How do you get your nails shaped so perfectly?! That's the one nail thing that I'm still completely clueless about. :)

Hi Danyellin, thanks for the compliment :) I really don’t have a technique, I just know that I want my nails square so I tried to file them as evenly as possible. The one weird thing I do is to put my nails perpendicular to a table to check if my finger feels even, if that makes sense.

China Glaze Kinetic Candy + Cheeky plate CH16

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